Levi Hunt on Dan Hartpury Premier League July 2021


“Levi has this magic way about him that makes me come out of my comfort zone.”

I am an International Dressage Rider and Trainer based in Chepstow/Monmouthshire with Calibre Equestrian. I have  competed to Grand Prix and represented Great Britain on multiple occasions.

I am a UKCC3 British Dressage accredited coach and after winning the British Dressage Young Professional of the Year Award, I am now a British Dressage (BD) trainer in 4 regions and regularly host my own private clinics and training camps.

My passion for coaching means that whether a 4 year old cob or a Grand Prix warmblood enters the arena, both are treated with the same enthusiasm. 

I have worked in a broad sphere of disciplines and trained with a varied group of top trainers. I am currently trained by Olympic rider Carl Hester, MBE. 

I believe a broad outlook and an open mind on training is pivotal to getting the best from every breed and conformation type.

Levi Hunt on Dan Piaffe


Before focusing on dressage, I worked in racing, eventing and showjumping which introduced me to many different breeds and methods of training. 

Since specialising in dressage, I have taken mine and my clients’ horses from novice through to small tour. 

I have been team trainer from Pony Club and Riding Club through to British Dressage (BD) teams. 



“I have achieved more than I could have hoped for, not forgetting the laughter and fun along the way.”


I want the best for both horse and rider.
I like to see combinations feel happy and empowered in their training whether they compete or not. 
I like to set goals that are ambitious but achievable.
As a coach, my job is to inspire and give confidence and as a professional rider I am constantly striving to be better than I was yesterday.


“Levi gets that perfect balance between energy and relaxation that keeps myself and my horse happy in our training.”